Alumni pubquiz borrel

Every Year study association LIFE organizes activities for Alumni+master students of LST. This activity is organized by the Life goes on committee (LGO). This year the LGO organizes a Alumni 'borrel' on Friday  June 23. This borrel will take place from 20.00-23.00 in Delft in the cafe Huug Delft (Markt 67A, 2611 GS Delft) located on the 'Grote Markt' . This year the alumni committee has decided a slightly different concept for this event. We decided to invite both alumni and master students of LST and give the opportunity to everyone to meet old friends, while making new ones! In this way you can also keep in touch with the younger generation of future colleagues. We will also organize a pubquiz during the event as a conversation starter. You can register via this form, deadline for registration is Friday June 16th. 

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