App Evaluation 2023

This past year was just the second year our LIFE-app was in use. Therefore it is important to now what you think of it. Which parts of the app do you use the most, what do miss when using our app and what aspects could be better? 

Among everybody who fills out the form, you get the chance to win a pair of limited edition LIFE-socks! 

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General usage

Functions, where can we improve?

Please rate the following functions on a scale of 1 to 5. Please explain your awnser with short feedback on what exactly you think is good or could be improved. 

Push notifications

We aim to send out push notifications about once a week if we have events we would like to promote that week. However, we noticed that android users no longer receive that message unless they actually open the app. Please leave your feedback about the push notifications here. 


If you have any suggestions or good ideas how we could improve the app, feel free to leave your comments here!