Speedmeeten met Bedrijven

Speedmeeten met Bedrijven
LocatieTNW Applied Sciences
Datumdinsdag 20 december 2022

On the 20th of DecemberS.A. LIFE will organize the annual career event ‘Speedmeeting with companies’. During this event, representatives of the companies in the broad field of the Life Sciences will give a short pitch about their company. After the pitch, you will get the unique opportunity to engage in a conversation with companies’ representatives in three separate rounds. Walk-in will be at 17.00, we will start at 17.15 sharp, and there is a possibilty to order food. At the end of the rounds there will drinks until 21.00. This event is only accessible for third year bachelor students and master students. There are limited spots available so sign up quickly!

Note: master students from Leiden will receive WORK points for attending this event!

In case you want to order food at the event, you can do so via the following link:

Food during Speedmeeting with Companies