Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (BoS) strives to ensure and enhance the quality of the Life Science & Technology program. It does so by providing advice to the program regarding the curriculum, courses, and instructors. The BoS has decision-making authority on certain parts of the curriculum.

The committee consists of an equal number of student members and faculty members. They discuss how education can be improved and provide requested or unsolicited advice on education-related matters to the program team. In addition to the faculty and student members, there are typically five other informants in the committee. These include the program director, the two study advisors, the study coordinator, and the Commissioner of Bachelor Education of S.V. LIFE. S.V. LIFE is closely involved with the Board of Studies, although it is not a part of S.V. LIFE.

Board of Studies - Bachelor

The Board of Studies of the bachelor's program in Life Science & Technology includes two student members from each year of the bachelor's program.

For questions or remarks regarding the curriculum of the bachelor's program in Life Science & Technology, please contact our Commissioner of Bachelor Education or the Board of Studies istelf.