S.A. LIFE wants to encourage students to get the most out of their student days. To this end, social, educational and career-oriented activities are organized throughout the year: from drinks and parties to lunch lectures, study trips and symposia. This entails the necessary financial administration.

For any questions related to LIFE's financial matters, please contact our Quaestor.


For companies

Below you can find the billing information of both the study association and the foundation. If you are preparing an offer, please state the name of a current board member.

For members

Textbooks are an essential but expensive part of the Life Science & Technology training. In collaboration with Studystore, LIFE offers its members a discount on the study books required for LST. Find your books on the website of WO4U.

In addition to the educational support through this discount, LIFE also offers a lot of fun at the faculty. It is possible to buy LIFE merchandise in both Leiden and Delft. A varied range of ties, sweaters or socks is offered in both lofts. So come by quickly to get your merchandise!

Are you a LIFE member and have you had to advance an expense, for example for a committee activity? Download the declaration form below to declare your expense and the amount will be transferred within 30 days.

Declaration Instruction

The proof of payment can be added Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you use preview, you can add the proof of payment directly via Edit > Insert > Page from file.

For alumni and LIFE lovers
LIFE is no longer a small association, and has a large group of people who support the association. Are you one of the many LST alumni who would like to remain involved in LIFE or just financially support LIFE's activities without obligation? That is possible, for this LIFE has created the so-called patronage. By making a small annual contribution, you contribute to the ins and outs of the association, with activities for many members, but also in alumni events. You also have the option to continue to receive the association magazine, the Vision of LIFE, or the almanac after you graduate. Below are the different options within the patronage, from €25 per year. If you are interested in being a patron of S.A. LIFE but do you still have questions? Send an email to!


Scale 1

Receive the right to call yourself a benefactor of S.A. LIFE.




Scale 2

Receive extra the Vision of LIFE, the semi-annualy magazine of S.A. LIFE.




Scale 3

Receive the annual Almanac, the yearbook of S.A. LIFE.




Scale 4

In addition, receive both the Vision of LIFE and the Almanac of S.A. LIFE.



N.B. The patron contribution is collected annually in May with a automatic incasso.