Board of Recommendation

Study Association LIFE is supported by a Board of Recommendation. This Board gives advice regarding the organization of excursions, study trips, symposia and providing useful contacts.

Prof.Dr. I.W.C.E. Arends

Former Head of the Department Biotechnology of Delft University of Technology and Professor of Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry, current dean of beta sciences Utrecht University H. Bijl

Hester Bijl is Rector Magnificus of Leiden University. Furthermore she is Full Professor of Numerical Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute in Leiden.

Prof.Dr. J. Brouwer

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Genetics and former Scientific Director of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University

Prof.Dr. R.T. Dame

Associate Professor, Macromolecular Biochemistry, Leiden University T. van der Hagen

Tim van der Hagen is President of the Board and Rector Magnificus of TU Delft. P. Herder

Dean of the faculty of Applied Sciences (TNW) at the TU Delft.

Prof. Ir. K.C.A.M. Luyben

Former Rector Magnificus Emeritus and Professor Bioprocess Technology, Delft University of Technology

Prof. Dr. H.S. Overkleeft

Scientific Director of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry and Professor Bio-organic Synthesis, Leiden University

Prof. Dr. J.T. Pronk

Head of the Department of Biotechnology and Professor Industrial Microbiology, Department of Biotechnology, Delft University of Technology

Prof. Dr. H.P. Spaink

Scientific Director of the Institute of Biology Leiden, Leiden University

Prof. Dr. J.H. de Winde

Professor of Industrial Biotechnology, Leiden University