The honorary members of S.A. LIFE have played a crucial role for LIFE and the educational Life Science & Technology program. For instance when the association was founded in 1999 their contribution was of high importance.

The Honorary members are:

  • Jack Pronk
  • Piet Bos †
  • Gijs Kuenen
  • Jaap Brouwer
  • Karel Luyben
  • Han de Winde
  • Mathieu Noteborn †
  • Wouter van der Star
  • Judith van der Zwan
  • Emile Bol

Piet Bos, Gijs Kuenen and Jaap Brouwer were closely involved in shaping and forming the educational program of Life Science & Technology.

Karel Luyben, Han de Winde, Mathieu Noteborn and Jack Pronk have helped LIFE whenever it was necessary, expanding our reach further than just the universities. They are always willing to contribute ideas about events and education.

Wouter van der Star, Judith van der Zwan and Emile Bol formed the first board of S.A. LIFE.