LST Alumni

Alumni are former members of Study Association LIFE, who have completed the Bachelor and/or Master LST. Alumni are a very interesting and valuable group for S.A. LIFE, because they are a valuable network of LST professionals. In addition, S.A. LIFE is also interesting for alumni, because of opportunities for network expansion and coaching of other alumni with regard to career opportunities. Besides coaching of fellow alumni, master students can also ask alumni for advice and so alumni can also serve as inspiration for possible career directions.

By maintaining good contact with our network of alumni, S.A. LIFE company contacts for possible collaborations for, for example, career-related events. Contact with alumni is maintained by the Commissioner of Master Education, together with a specially established committee for and by LST alumni: the LIFE Goes On (LGO) committee.

The LGO committee organizes various events during the academic year. A LinkedIn alumni network has been created, so alumni can keep in touch with each other and with the LGO committee. Through this LinkedIn network, S.A. LIFE informs its alumni about interesting events and job opportunities for alumni.

For questions regarding alumni policy or alumni events, please contact our Commissioner of Master Education, or the LGO committee.

Events for Alumni

The LGO committee organizes various events for LST alumni during the academic year. Examples of these events are:

Alumni Career Event

During the Alumni Career Event in December, various LST alumni pitch about their diverse career choices. After the event, there is an opportunity to enjoy a drink and network with fellow alumni and master students. This event is open tot both LST alumni and master students from Leiden and Delft. Are you as alumni interested in giving a pitch about your career choices at this event? Please contact the LGO committee.

Alumni Network Event

The Alumni Network Event takes place around May/June. During this event there will be the opportunity to network with fellow alumni and master students from both Leiden and Delft. This event usually takes place in collaboration with a company. This LST-related company will explain what they stand for and how LST is relevant in their sector. The previous edition of the Alumni Network Event, took place in Pathé The Hague in collaboration with the company Altran.

LGO Connectwork

Every second Tuesday of the month at 20:30, two alumni will give a short online presentation about their current profession and its impact, their career path, or something entirely different but still LST related. After these talks there is time for questions and discussion with the alumni present. The event always concludes with one on one speednetworking rounds, allowing alumni to catch up or actually connect with alumni they had not met previously.

Lustrum Event (Reunion)

Every five years, S.A. LIFE celebrates a lustrum year. During a lustrum year S.A. LIFE organizes a reunion, this is the perfect opportunity to meet your old college friends and teachers and to share and relive stories with each other. In 2020, S.A. LIFE celebrated her fourth lustrum, but unfortunaly this could not happen due to corona. The reunion is moved to 2022.

For more information regarding the date, location and other information, keep a close eye on the LinkedIn page. In addition, an alumni mail is sent out once a year to all LST alumni that includes all relevant events for alumni.