Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement of S.A. LIFE (version 27-05-2021)

S.A. LIFE processes multiple personal details of her members and visitors of her website, both digitally and on paper. S.A. LIFE ensures proper encryption and careful processing of the personal details of her members, thereby complying with the terms posed in the European Privacy Act, generally known as ‘General Data Protection Regulation’(GDPR) or ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’(AVG). This privacy statement elaborates upon the details S.A. LIFE collects and how these details are processed. If you have any questions and/or concerns after reading this statement, you can contact the Abactis of S.A. LIFE at The privacy statement of S.A. LIFE may be updated, make sure to check the website regularly for the most up to date privacy statement.

What personal details do we collect?

Clicking behaviour

S.A. LIFE keeps track of what links the visitors of her website click on. Authorised persons of S.A. LIFE can view clicking behaviour and the number of clicks per page. This information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the identity of the website’s visitor. The statistics of the collected data are evaluated with the aim of determining the effectiveness of the displayed information. S.A. LIFE uses this data to optimise the layout of her website, with the ultimate aim of optimising the services that are offered.

Personal details required for membership

Upon registration as a member of S.A. LIFE it is required to share the following personal details: first name, initials, insertion, surname, member’s address (address, zip code and city), telephone number (land line or mobile phone), e-mail address, date of birth, gender, study programme. Additionally, it is registered whether new members are international students. Furthermore, S.A. LIFE keeps track of which phase of their study programme her members are (bachelor, master, alumnus).

These personal details are used for member administration, to send the association’s magazine and digital newsletter, online registration for activities, and for sending other forms of communications with the proper title and pronouns. Phone numbers can be used to approach members directly and personally concerning association affairs when deemed necessary. The date of birth is used by S.A. LIFE to adhere to the Dutch law prohibiting distribution of alcohol to minors (<18 years of age) at her activities. The international student status of members is used to supply S.A. LIFE’s members with directed relevant information.

It has been determined statutory that a member of S.A. LIFE becomes an alumnus upon graduation with a master’s degree Life Science & Technology or Chemistry, or upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree Life Science & Technology when that member does not continue his/her studies with a master’s degree in Life Science & Technology. Personal details of alumni are kept as to be able to invite alumni to activities of S.A. LIFE organized for her alumni specifically.

Furthermore a picture is taken of new members of S.A. LIFE after having given consent for this. This picture is used when creating the “smoelenposter”, which is distributed among all first year Life Science & Technology bachelor students and is displayed in the S.A. LIFE offices. These pictures (along with the name and cohort of the member) are also placed in LIFE’s yearbook.

Personal details and activities

Upon registration for an activity organised by S.A. LIFE first and last name, mobile phone number, and e-mail address are collected when deemed necessary. These details are collected for two purposes. Firstly, to be able to inform the participants about the activity and secondly to verify participants’ membership of S.A. LIFE. Certain activities, for examples study trips, require additional personal details for their successful organisation. This additional information will not be registered in the database. If necessary for the organisation of the event, this information can be shared with third parties, for example when airplane tickets need to be bought. All registration forms with additional personal details are either removed or destroyed after completion of the activity. Participants give their consent on each separate registration form for the processing of their personal details.


During S.A. LIFE’s activities pictures are taken for LIFE’s photographic archive. These photos are saved to a secure environment, accessible only for board members of S.A. LIFE. A selection of these photos are shared on the website of S.A. LIFE and/or social media. The photo webpage of S.A. LIFE is only accessible to her members. When registering for an event participants can indicate if they wish to never have pictures of the participant published. The aforementioned selection of photos is based on whether the content displayed on the picture is harmful in any way. Pictures deemed in any way harmful are not published on the photo webpage.

Pictures of events that are deemed not harmful by the board of S.A. LIFE may be used for promotion by the board in the association’s magazine (Vision of LIFE) or yearbook and may also be shared with LIFE’s contacts. In the event of a harmful picture making its way to LIFE’s website or other social media, an email can be sent to followed by the removal of said picture.

Additional information required for payment

Besides the previously mentioned data, members and patrons of S.A. LIFE are asked to share their bank account details (IBAN) for direct debit. When a member files for reimbursement of costs made for S.A. LIFE or one of her activities, their name and bank account details are asked in the reimbursement form.

Who has access to the details of LIFE’s members?

The Board of S.A. LIFE

The current board of S.A. LIFE has access to all entered personal details and statistics, since they are responsible for all of the association’s affairs. This includes the organisation of activities and all communication.


If a committee is to organise an event that requires personal details, this committee will also have access to the necessary personal details of involved members. These personal details are provided to the committee members after they have proclaimed to act according to the GDPR.

External parties

An agreement with regards to processing personal details is signed with external parties that process personal details originating from S.A. LIFE’s database. This entails that external parties can only use these personal details for the intended purposes and that they have to be removed or destroyed afterwards. The personal details of a member will only be shared with the external party after consent has been given by that member.

Recording and encryption of personal details


S.A. LIFE makes use of a member database in a secured environment. This database is only accessible with the board account, the password of which is known to the board members of S.A. LIFE only. The database contains the personal details mentioned in “What personal details do we collect? – Personal details required for membership” with the exception of the picture used for the “smoelenposter” and yearbook.

Other documents

All other digital documents with personal details that S.A. LIFE collects are saved in a secured environment which is accessible to the board of S.A. LIFE only. Paper documents containing personal details are locked away in cupboards.

How long do we keep members’ information for?

We keep members’ personal details that are required for membership until a member or alumnus tells us that they want us to remove their personal details from the database. The last invoices used for patronage of LIFE is kept for 14 months, as is obligatory according to SEPA conditions. After this time the invoice will be removed as soon as possible. Additionally S.A. LIFE is required to store filed reimbursements for 7 years.

What are your rights as a member of S.A. LIFE?

Insight and rectification

Members are always entitled to look into the personal details S.A. LIFE keeps a record of and to ask for rectification when our administration turns out to be faulty. Errors in the data can also be fixed by the member themselves using their account on the website of S.A. LIFE. You can ask for an overview of the personal details LIFE keeps of you by contacting the current Abactis of S.A. LIFE or visit one of the LIFE offices to see for yourself (Room S.08B, Einsteinweg 55, 2333 CC Leiden or Room C0.090, Van der Maasweg 9, 2629 HZ Delft).

Objections and complaints

According to law you are entitled to object to the collection of your personal details and to file a complaint to the (Dutch) Data Protection Authority (DPA) if you deem this necessary. When you do not agree with the collection of essential personal details needed for LIFE membership, you can contact the current Abactis of S.A. LIFE. If a members wants their essential personal details removed from the LIFE database, their membership will be terminated upon said removal.


Article 17 of the GDPR includes the so-called the right of oblivion. This entails that S.A. LIFE is obliged to remove personal details in certain cases if the involved person asks for this. This way the involved person can no longer be linked to certain information, and this will also lead to termination of membership. Exceptions are made for debtors of S.A. LIFE. They are only entitled to the right of oblivion as soon as they have paid the owed amount of money to S.A. LIFE.


You are entitled to the transfer of personal details. Upon registration to a different authority you can request of an authority that already is in the possession of your personal details, that they supply the other authority with your personal details. This way you do not have to supply your personal details all over again. In this case you will receive a file that contains the personal details known to the supplying authority.

Supplying personal details

When a person does not wish to supply their required personal information, said person cannot be granted LIFE membership.