Lunchlecture Demcon

Luchlecture Demcon

Sign up for the first lunchlecture organised in Delft this year and enjoy this lecture with free lunch! The lecture will start at 12:50. 

This lecture will be hosted by Demcon: 

Demcon is an innovative technology company specializing in developing advanced solutions across various sectors, including healthcare, industrial automation, optomechatronics, and semiconductors. They design and manufacture high-tech systems, instruments, and components tailored to their clients' needs, emphasizing precision, reliability, and efficiency. Demcon's expertise spans from mechatronics and robotics to software development and system integration, enabling them to provide comprehensive solutions from concept to realization. With a focus on research and development, Demcon pioneers cutting-edge technologies to address complex challenges, driving advancements in industries worldwide while maintaining a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.