Speedmeeting with companies

Speedmeeting with companies

On the 20th of November, speedmeeting with companies will take place, where different companies will come to the faculty in Delft to talk about their oppurtunities. 
The following companies are certainly present: 


Eurofins Scientific is an international listed life sciences company that provides its customers with high-quality laboratory testing and consulting services. Eurofins is the global market leader in bioanalytical testing for food, water, environmental and pharmaceutical products, among others, with currently more than 61,000 employees, spread over 61 countries with 900 state-of-the-art laboratories.

Our people at Eurofins make an important contribution to global issues such as the environment, food safety and overall health. Responsibilities lie as low as possible in the organization so that people can make the right decisions with the right information. Eurofins structurally invests in the personal development of talent, both in terms of leadership, growth potential and content knowledge.

At Eurofins, there are many opportunities for starters with a technical study background, such as our General Management Traineeship. In this traineeship, you execute various projects within two years, with the focus on developing your leadership skills!


Did you know that you can find the milk components from FrieslandCampina cows in some paracetamol pills? At FrieslandCampina, we make sure to get the most out of the milk provided by our dairy farmers and from ourselves. Do you want to know more about us and our traineeships? We'd love to talk to you on November 20th at the speed dating event!


“ It all started with a breakthrough discovery at Wageningen University. Unveiling the potential to transform organic waste streams into valuable circular chemicals, specifically medium-chain fatty acids, ChainCraft embarked on a mission far surpassing traditional composting or biogas production. Over a decade, we have escalated our pioneering circular innovation from lab experiments to a fully operational demonstration plant capable to produce 2000 tons of medium-chain fatty acid salts annually. Navigating the typical hurdles of a start-up, our path has been both challenging and exhilarating.

Now, as we transition into the scale-up phase, ChainCraft stands at the forefront with a viable solution, poised to revolutionize the chemical industry and establish a new circular standard.

 Our Vision:

             To foster an entirely circular chemistry industry.

Our Mission:

             To deliver sustainable chemicals that enhance everyday life.

Our Core Values:

              Driven by a profound desire for positive change, ChainCraft embodies pragmatic innovation, collaborative spirit, and a bold attitude.

'No guts, no glory'  ”


Getinge provides hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions that aim to improve clinical results and optimize workflows.
Getinge Life Science partners with scientists and engineers to develop and manufacture better pharmaceuticals aiming to prevent, mitigate and cure diseases – saving lives.
With focus on upstream bioprocessing and contamination prevention, Getinge Life Science provides systems for cultivation, aseptic transfer, cleaning and sterilization, and isolation technologies.