CDL-LIFE Career Evening

On wednesday the 7th of june the annual career event CDL-LIFE will take once again in Leiden! During this evening a variety of  companies will tell about their work in the chemical and life sciences sector. After short presentations you will have the oppurtunity to get in touch with representatives of the companies. 

The companies that will be presenta are Kite Pharma, Agidens, ChainCraft and BioBTX.

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Kite Pharma

Kite Pharma focuses on the development of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies, a type of immunotherapy that harnesses the patient's immune system to fight cancer. CAR-T therapies involve genetically modifying a patient's own T cells to express a receptor that recognizes specific cancer cells, enabling the immune system to target and destroy them.

The Netherlands location of Kite Pharma is involved in various aspects of the company's operations, including research and development, manufacturing, and clinical trials. The goal is to advance the development of CAR-T therapies and bring potentially life-saving treatments to patients with different types of cancer.



Agidens is a company that provides specialized services and solutions for various industries, including the Life Sciences sector. Within Agidens, the Life Science department focuses on delivering comprehensive support and expertise to companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

The Life Science department of Agidens offers a range of services tailored to the specific needs of the industry. This includes consulting and engineering services, validation and compliance support, project management, and maintenance solutions. They aim to assist companies in meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring product quality and safety, and optimizing their operational processes.



Chaincraft is a biotechnology company based in the Netherlands that focuses on the sustainable production of high-quality biochemicals from organic waste materials. The company specializes in the development and application of microbial fermentation processes to convert organic waste streams into valuable products.

Chaincraft's innovative technology utilizes specific microorganisms to break down and convert organic waste, such as food waste or agricultural residues, into bio-based chemicals and materials. This approach helps to reduce waste and create a circular economy by transforming organic waste into valuable resources.



BioBTX is a Dutch company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies for the production of bio-based chemicals and fuels. The company is based in the Netherlands and focuses on transforming renewable feedstocks into valuable bio-aromatics.

BioBTX employs a proprietary technology platform that enables the conversion of biomass, such as agricultural residues or waste streams, into bio-aromatics. These bio-aromatics can serve as building blocks for the production of various chemicals and materials, including plastics, resins, and fibers.