Unicef Charity Run

During the greenweek Hooke, Unicef TU Delft and LIFE will organize a charity run. This event will take place on Monday 24th of April from 17.00 to 19.00. Rounds will be 3 km and you can run as much rounds as you want. You will have to find sponsors yourselve and can fill them in on a document that we will send you via email. The start of the run is at tnw zuid.

This year the Unicef TU Delft student team will raise money for children in Ivory Coast!?

288,000 kilos of plastic are produced and mostly dumped here every day. Which causes groundwater pollution and risk of diseases. Women collecting the plastic are often underpaid. Furthermore, 1,6 million children have no access to education. By recycling plastic into building blocks for schools, we achieve several goals: a better environment, more work, income, and classrooms!♻?

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