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Next year, we will celebrate our Diesweek as never done before! Every day of our Dienweek we will organise all sorts of activities . This way all LIFE members can enjoy the ‘gezelligheid’ LIFE has to offer after a long year of online classes. For the first year members, this we be the perfect week to get to know our association!

Diesweek day 1 - evening activity

We will kick-off the diesweek with a secret evening activity. Stay tuned for more information!

Diesweek day 2 - give away

On the second day a goodie will be hand out. More information about time and location will follow!

LIFE Collegetour

Is Europe on track to meet its climate goals in 2030? What role will biofuels play in the energy transition? And what is like to switch to a career in international politics as a scientist? You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions to Bas Eickhout, Member of European Parliament for the European Green Party, at the next LIFE Collegetour!

Yearbook ceremony

The yearbook is finished! You can pick up your yearbook on Thursday, the location will be announced later.

Dies party

On Friday our epic Dies party will be hosted! More information will follow.

Drinks Bar het Lab - Shifts 1 & 2 INFO

Enrollment opens monday 10:00

Committee interest drinks
Symposium theme announcement - Info

Shift 1 - 16:15 - 16:30 uur walk-in, 17:40 - 17:55 uur leaving

Lunchlecture IGEM Delft

Friday 8 october 13.00 it’s time for the first lunch lecture on campus this year in Gorlaeus building in room 2! It will be given by the iGEM team from Delft. The International Genetically Engineered machine (iGEM) competition is an annual competition organised by Massachusetts Institue of Technology in the field of synthetic biology. The competition is carried out by students all over the world. The mission of iGEM Delft is to develop a modular, quantitative, inexpensive and rapid point-of-care test to determine vitamin deficiencies easily.

VerO Pubquiz

Dear students,
I think we’ve all had quite enough of all the corona safety measures. The VerO are organising a pubquiz so we can let go of the safety measures of the past, and instead look towards the Future! The quiz will be held in the Foobar on the 12th of October. You’re welcome from 19:30 and the quiz will start at 20:00. If you’d like to join, please sign in with a team, or on your own (in which case you’ll be put in a team) using the Google Forms. We hope to see you then!

Lunch lecture iGEM Leiden

On Friday 28 october 13.00 the second lunch lecture of this year will be in room 2 of the Gorlaeus building in Leiden. Last time it was the iGEM team from Delft, but this time it will be the team from Leiden! A big challenge in synthetic biology is the restriction of the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) outside of the laboratory. To solve this problem, iGEM Leiden designed an open-source, standardised, modular and widely applicable Safe-by-Design biocontainment system for these GMOs. With their Double Plasmid Lock (DOPL LOCK) they strive to stimulate innovations in the field of biosafety and to accelerate the field of synthetic biology. Lunch is for free so sign up at!

Design Competition

This year will see the first design competition for a limited edition LIFE jersey. Design your sweater and send it in before November 1! At the next ALV, you can vote on your favourite sweater in order to choose a new design. The sweater can then be ordered. The designer of the winning sweater will receive it for free! 

Master Delft - End of term Drinks

Our first event: *End-of-term drinks at Bar Het Lab!* ????????
*When*: Friday November 5th from 16:30-19:30 (right after the 1st year exam)
*Where*: Bar Het Lab (Ground floor TNW, serves drinks and toasties!)

Speedmeeting with companies

On the 23rd of November S.A. LIFE will organize the annual career event ‘Speedmeeting with companies’ in a physical format. During this event, representatives of the companies in the broad field of the Life Sciences will give a short pitch about their company. After the pitch, you will get the unique opportunity to engage in a conversation with companies’ representative in three separate rounds. Walk-in will be at 17.45 and pizza will be ordered. At the end of the rounds there will drinks in until 21.15. This event is only accessible for third year bachelor students and master students. There are limited spots available so sign up quickly via our website In the form you have to choose three companies to speak with during the event. Note: master students from Leiden will receive WORK points for attending this event!

Design cursus

Are you tired of using Word art in your powerpoints? Do you want to stop using MS.Paint in your promo? Learn how to design like a pro and come to the design course! This will be held in Delft, in the Franklinzaal (A2.050) at TNW zuid.

Lunch lecture Single Cell Discoveries

Friday the 26th of November will be the first lunch lecture of this year in Delft! The lecture will be held by Single Cell Discoveries. Single Cell Discoveries provides complete single-cell sequencing services. They help to get the best out of single-cell experiments by offering everything you need for a successful project - planning, experiments, and data analysis - under one roof. The lecture will start at 12.45 and lunch will be free for the ones the signed up.


Next week Friday, 3 December, we will go bowling for free with LIFE! In the context of mental wellbeing we will get the ball rolling while enjoying new company and drinks and snacks. After bowling we will play some party games to close of the afternoon together. It’s free, so register on the website and join us at the karrewiel in Delft at 17 o’clock.


Next week Friday, 3 December, we will go bowling for free with LIFE! In the context of mental wellbeing we will get the ball rolling while enjoying new company and drinks and snacks. After bowling we will play some party games to close of the afternoon together. It’s free, so register on the website and join us at the karrewiel in Delft at 17 o’clock.

LGO Career Event

Curious about all the possibilities after obtaining your LST diploma? During the LIFE Career Event, Life Science and Technology alumni will give pitches about their current jobs and careers. There is a variety of different company representatives, ranging from patent attorney to researcher and biotechnologist, also including people who did a PhD. After the pitches, there will be some time to talk and have a drink with your favorite alumni about their profession in an informal setting. 

Lunch Lecture Johnson&Johnson

Wednesday the 15th of December there will be a lunch lecture in Leiden again! The lecture will be held by a company we all know of, namely: Johnson&Johnson. This time however, the subject will not be vaccines but the lecture will be about their Medical Devices department. There are LST alumni that work in that department and will give the lecture. It will start at 13.15 and lunch will be free for the ones who signed up!

Excursion VectoryY

POSTPONED - due to corona measures will unfortunately be postponed to next year, stay tuned!

Dear LST students, on December 17th the ExcurCie has organized an online tour to VectorY!

VectorY combines the therapeutic potential of antibodies and gene therapy to develop long-lasting therapeutic solutions for large disease areas of high unmet medical need. Founded in August 2020, and based in the Amsterdam Science Park, VectorY is a fully integrated gene therapy company focused on the development of innovative therapeutics such as vectorized antibodies for both CNS and somatic disorders, with a special focus on muscle diseases. With R&D and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam, VectorY develops proprietary & partnered programs based on its novel AAV-based vectorized antibody & gene therapy platform.

To participate you can register by clicking on the button, but please let the board know if you are not able to attend anymore.

Mastertrip Location Announcement

Once every 2 years LIFE organises a mastertrip especially for Leiden and Delft LST students. It has already been 4 years since the last mastertrip took place unfortunately, since the coronavirus got in the way. However, the new Macie '21 - '23 is very busy organising the next mastertrip which will take place in the summer of 2023. Are you wondering where we will go? Come join as at the Mastertrip Location Announcement borrel! It will commence on Wednesday the 19th of January at 18.00, probably online depending on the covid measures. See you there!

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