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party time


Next year, we will celebrate our Diesweek as never done before! Every day of our Dienweek we will organise all sorts of activities . This way all LIFE members can enjoy the ‘gezelligheid’ LIFE has to offer after a long year of online classes. For the first year members, this we be the perfect week to get to know our association!

Diesweek day 1 - evening activity

We will kick-off the diesweek with a secret evening activity. Stay tuned for more information!

Diesweek day 2 - give away

On the second day a goodie will be hand out. More information about time and location will follow!

LIFE Collegetour

Is Europe on track to meet its climate goals in 2030? What role will biofuels play in the energy transition? And what is like to switch to a career in international politics as a scientist? You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions to Bas Eickhout, Member of European Parliament for the European Green Party, at the next LIFE Collegetour!

Yearbook ceremony

The yearbook is finished! You can pick up your yearbook on Thursday, the location will be announced later.

Dies party

On Friday our epic Dies party will be hosted! More information will follow.

Drinks Bar het Lab - Shifts 1 & 2 INFO

Enrollment opens monday 10:00

Committee interest drinks
Lunchlecture IGEM Delft