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Lunch Lecture Johnson&Johnson

Wednesday the 15th of December there will be a lunch lecture in Leiden again! The lecture will be held by a company we all know of, namely: Johnson&Johnson. This time however, the subject will not be vaccines but the lecture will be about their Medical Devices department. There are LST alumni that work in that department and will give the lecture. It will start at 13.15 and lunch will be free for the ones who signed up!

Excursion VectoryY

POSTPONED - due to corona measures will unfortunately be postponed to next year, stay tuned!

Dear LST students, on December 17th the ExcurCie has organized an online tour to VectorY!

VectorY combines the therapeutic potential of antibodies and gene therapy to develop long-lasting therapeutic solutions for large disease areas of high unmet medical need. Founded in August 2020, and based in the Amsterdam Science Park, VectorY is a fully integrated gene therapy company focused on the development of innovative therapeutics such as vectorized antibodies for both CNS and somatic disorders, with a special focus on muscle diseases. With R&D and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam, VectorY develops proprietary & partnered programs based on its novel AAV-based vectorized antibody & gene therapy platform.

To participate you can register by clicking on the button, but please let the board know if you are not able to attend anymore.

Mastertrip Location Announcement

Once every 2 years LIFE organises a mastertrip especially for Leiden and Delft LST students. It has already been 4 years since the last mastertrip took place unfortunately, since the coronavirus got in the way. However, the new Macie '21 - '23 is very busy organising the next mastertrip which will take place in the summer of 2023. Are you wondering where we will go? Come join as at the Mastertrip Location Announcement borrel! It will commence on Wednesday the 19th of January at 18.00, probably online depending on the covid measures. See you there!

Halfjaarlijkse ALV
LIFE Company Dinner

Dear LST-masters,

Lunch lecture Gupta Strategists

Together with CDL, LIFE organises a lunch lecture in Leiden on the 17th of February. The lecture will be given by Gupta Strategists and Folkert Kan from the 17th board of LIFE will come to speak! We start at  13.15 in lecture hall 3 of the Gorlaeus building. Lunch will ofcourse be free for the ones who sign up. Click on the logo below for more information about Gupta. We hope to see many of you there!

Inter Facultairy Beerpong Tournament
Wellbeing Tips & Tricks

Dear LIFE member. How do you experience these difficult times in the pandemic? A lot of students cope with stress, perfectionism and concentration problems which only got worse during the pandemic. Wondering what could help you with these problems? Come to our student wellbeing activity on February 22nd! In small discussion groups, you'll discuss two of these subjects with a professional discussion leader and with your fellow students. Afterwards we will have dinner at restaurant Wijnhaven in the Delft city center with a main, desert and some drinks for only €3,00 so you can talk about the activity and get to know your fellow students better. Come join us the 22nd 16.15 at our Applied Sciences faculty in Delft. See you there!

LIFE Collegetour

Dear LIFE-members,

VerO sporttournament

The 1st of March the VerO associations (S.A. LIFE, Aesculapius, CDL, LBC and DLF) organise a sporting tournament at the USC, just like last year. The tournament will be from 15:45 - 18:15. We gather near the playing fields (Goliuspad). Sign up with a team via this link!

Beer Brewing Class Fermentation Festival
Spring Spocolympics

Monday March 7th the spectacular Spring Spocolympics take place! 

Excursion Planet

Dear LST-students, 

Lunchlezing Demcon

Dear LIFE-members.

Vertical Integration drinks

Always wondered who is in the years above and beneath you within LST? Do you like free drinks? Join the vertical integration drinks by LIFE!

MaCo Delft Pubcrawl

Together with Hooke, TG and VvTP, LIFE organises the annual LABdance party! This year LABdance will take place at the Bierfabriek. Among others, DJPJ will be there, so you don't want to miss this. The theme is tropical neon! Buy your tickets here for only four euros!

Committee kick-off
Almanac page selling drinks

Do you and your friends want to be immortalized in the 18th Almanac of S.V. LIFE? Come to the drinks in Bar het Lab and buy your very own page for only €20! After this day, a page will cost €25. Can't make it to the drinks? Buy your page through the link below (only with 10% reduction). 

'Borrel' lecture The Green Village

Dear LIFE and Hooke members,

Clothing swap

Swap your cloths for a small amount of money the whole afternoon in Bar het Lab! You can bring your cloths to the boardroom before the day. All the profits and left over clothing will be sent to a charity. 

Christmas Dinner

Here you can register for the Christmas Dinner! Monday you'll receive a mail for payment (~€29 for all you can eat and drink buffet) This payment must be fulfilled within 2 days (before Wednesday 23.59) or your ticket will be given to someone else. So make sure to keep an eye out on your email!

Sustainability symposium
Lunch lecture sustainability

Nice that you want to come to the lunch lecture about sustainability, in collaboration with Students 4 Sustainability! Here you can get inspired to do your own sustainabile research. On April 22nd, during the lunch break (12.45 pm to 1.45 pm), Tom Burdyny will talk about his research using CO2 to make materials such as plastic and laptops. Sign up to come and listen while enjoying your free lunch!

Defensity College with VvTP

Curious about working at a base or airbase during your studies? On Tuesday the 26th of April Defensity College will give a lunch lecture and two workshops especially for TN and LST Students! Defensity College is the military work student programme. We will start at 12.45 and end at 17.00. Lunch is free, so sign up quickly!

Vertical integration pubcrawl

Hello everyone! After some time the MaCo is back with an amazing activity! This time for all LST students, both bachelor and master, we organize a pub crawl through Delft ????! We believe this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and play some games while meeting new people!! For only €6.00 you'll receive 3 drinks and vegetarian snacks!

CDL LIFE Career Event

Dear LIFE and CDL members,

Brewing tour fermentation festival

May 10 a brewing tour at the koperen kat will be hosted! Afterwards there will be time for some drinks. 

Mexican drinks

Finally, the Mexican drinks are back! The drinks will be held at DSB from 4 PM to 8 PM, with 5 tequila shots for only 5 euros!

LIFE symposium

On the 19th of May 2022 the 10th Life Science Symposium will take place at Corpus Congress Centre in Leiden. This year, the theme has been announced as; Sailing away from one-size-fits-all: Technological Developments in Personalised Medicine. Top-of-the-field international academics and researchers will show how personalised medicine can be very valuable in future healthcare, opening doors for improving and broadening the treatment of diseases by using a tailored approach. During the day, a diverse range of subjects will be covered, including the Organ-on-a-chip models for investigating personalised drug targets, Car T-cells and RNA therapeutics. With this theme we hope to inspire students and academics with the new advances and possibilities within the field of personalised medicine, and show how it can play a major role in the development of future medical management. The symposium will start at 09:00 and lasts all day. Tickets include a lunch, goodie bag and some drinks at the end of this inspiring day. More information on the other speakers and the program will still be announced, so make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date!


Get your party clothes ready, because Monday the 23rd of May the most epic party of LIFE will take place! NIGHTLIFE⚡️will be a Huge party at the NEXT in leiden! Bring your bestie, mom, dog, your grandma and your ex to party as hard as you can! This years theme is: NEON JUNGLE PARTY There will be plenty Jungle Juice (or colourful cocktailbuckets) tickets are for sale for just €4,50

MaCo Delft Pubquiz

Hello LST MSc students!


LIFE RALLY, 26 mei 2022 

Anthura lecture

Dear LIFE-members,

StudentDoes day

Dear LIFE-members,

TG LIFE Career Event

Dear LIFE-members,

Lunch Lecture Leyden Labs

Dear LIFE-members,

Fermentation Festival

The Fermentation Festival will take place on the forecourt of X on Friday the 10th of June. At this festival you can taste homemade specialty beer, other specialty beers and last year's winning beer! Each team gets a booth to sell their own brewed specialty beer! There is of course also music, food trucks and many other activities to do at the Fermentation Festival itself. In addition, there is also a jury, consisting of real beer connoisseurs and professional brewers, who will choose the most creative and tastiest special beer!

Eind ALV
Almanac interest

Do you want to be owner of the 18th Almanac of S.V. LIFE, the Almanac of academic year '21-'22? Enroll now! The theme this year is: The Cycle of LIFE! 

End of year BBQ

Come for free food and drinks to the Delftse Hout! BBQ starts at 16:00, feel free to join :) (please enroll for an indication of visitors)

LIFE Dies week: Almanac handout

This mondag, September 12th, the Almanac handout will take place in 'De hut van Ome Henne' in Leiden! Here you can come pick up your Almanac and enjoy the drinks from 16:30 till 19:30 at the bar. Your fellow students can also leave a kind message in the back of your Almanac during this activity. See you there!

College tour

The 13th of September the LIFE Collegetour will be held! This time's speaker will be the first female speaker of the LIFE Collegetour: Rosanne Hertzberger, LST alumnus. As a journalist at the NRC Handelsblad she combines her interests as a scientist with her opinion on societal matters. Every week she writes a column about daily life with a scientific view, with subjects ranging from sexism in journalism to recent developments around the pandemic. Next to writing, she is a microbiology researcher at the VU Amsterdam. In the lab she tries to develop better pre-, pro- and antibiotics for women’s health. She does this by researching the microbes of the vagina such as Lactobacillus crispatus and reviewing the possibility of using these microbes as supplements for women suffering from health problems. During this Collegetour, you will get the chance to ask about Rosanne's career and opinions. It will be held at TNW Applied Sciences C1.190 on TU Delft Campus from 17.00 until 18.00. See you there!  

Bar het lab Archery Tag

To celebrate the dies (or birthday) of S.A. LIFE the 14th special bar het lab drinks will be hosted. Come play Archery Tag!

LIFE dies party

Friday the LIFE birthday will be celebrated!! It will take place from 21:00 till 2:00 at cafe Huug in Delft. From 21:09 - 22:09 we even have a happy hour with 1+1 free beer! The theme is beach life so come join us in your most beautifull outfit :) 

iGem Lunch Lecture

Friday 7 october 13.00 it’s time for the first lunch lecture  this year in the 'Sitterzaal' in Huygens building! It will be given by the iGEM team from Delft. The International Genetically Engineered machine (iGEM) competition is an annual competition organised by Massachusetts Institue of Technology in the field of synthetic biology. The competition is carried out by students all over the world. 

Green Career Event

The green career event gives you the opportunity to learn about the different career possibilities in the sustainable sector. During this event LST alumni that are currently working in this sector will give a short presentation. After this you can talk to the alumni in small groups and ask all your questions. There will be a possibility to order food and the evening will end with some drinks. Registrate via this link.

Drinks at Bar het Lab
PubQuiz Bar het Lab
La Chouffe drinks at Bar het Lab
Speeddating with first year students
Bar het Lab Drinks
Bar het Lab Drinks
Ejaccie after exam lunch
Bar het Lab Drinks
MaCo after exam drinks
Graphic Design course
iGem Delft Lunch Lecture

You may have heard of iGEM before: it is the world's largest competition for synthetic biology. This year more than 350 student teams from around the world developed projects to take part in iGEM, tackling a wide range of issues like plastic pollution, crop disease, and cancer diagnosis. The TU Delft iGEM team just got back from Paris, where they presented their project: a bioelectronic sensor to detect GHB in drinks. They want to tell you all about synthetic biology, what it's like to participate in iGEM, and how their project went. So if you're interested, sign up for the free lunch lecture on November 16th! The lecture will take place during the lunch (12.45-13.45) in the Franklin room at applied sciences.

Bar het Lab Drinks
Bar het Lab Drinks and New Design input evening
Mental Health Walk Leiden
Commission General Assembly
Bar het Lab Drinks
Bar het Lab Drinks
Extended drinks at Bar het Lab
Bar het Lab Drinks

Register via this link: Alumni career event - Studievereniging LIFE (S.V. LIFE) (

Alumni career evening

Register via this link : Alumni career event - Studievereniging LIFE (S.V. LIFE) (

Excursion to Alco Energy
Christmas dinner