The Faculty Council is the highest representative advisory body at the faculty of Science at Leiden University. This council consists of seven scientific staff members and seven students. The scientific staff members are appointed every other year and among the students the elections are held on a yearly basis. In Leiden the system consists of four different parties who are active at every faculty.

The following Life Science & Technology student(s) are currently seated in the Faculty Council:

Kimberly Barentsen (Lijst vooruitstrevende Studenten)

It is appointed by law to have a representative advisory body at your faculty. This council, just like the Faculty Student Council at Delft University of Technology, has two rights: the right of assent and the right of advice. These rights are in place for regulations like the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Onderwijs en Examenreglement, OER) which are approved of every year, or for the appointment of a new member of the Faculty Board.

Besides that is the Faculty Council very critical about the policies at the university and tries to think of solutions for problems. Do you have any complaints or ideas, mail the Faculty Council at: Do you want to be kept up-to-date about the progress of the FC, follow them on Facebook.